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Nifty Prototyping

A quick and simple way to prototype electronics

The Problem

Breadboards are messy

There are a lot of wires to connect and no way to ensure they stay connected. A lot can go wrong and it usually goes wrong when you have a big demo.

The Problem

Breadboards are slow

You will have to spend a lot of time figuring out the correct method of connecting the board with various components.

The Problem

Makes teaching challenging

Connecting electronic components, ensuring all the cables are working, connecting them in the right sequence and then figuring out the code - traditional breadboard prototyping makes it challenging to teach electronics prototyping.

Nifty Prototyping

Our Solution

We created Nifty Prototyping to be a quick and easy solution to solve all your electronics prototyping problems. We call our system "Very Rapid Prototyping". Starting with two kits to get started learning, we're working to improve and make electronics prototyping easy and accessible for everyone.

The Solution

Clean and quick

We made Nifty to be clean and quick. All you need are the correct modules. Just connect them up and spend more time perfecting your code.
Whether it's for teaching or for prototype demos, Nifty is created to be easy to set up and deploy. Just plug and play.

The Solution


Nifty works every single time. No more fumbling with connections.

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